Wollongong Macedonian Orthodox Church
Wollongong Macedonian Orthodox Church

Saint Dimitrija Solunski

Our church - Saint Dimitrija Solunski

The Macedonian Orthodox Church "Saint Dimitrija Solunski" is located at 8-14 Stewart Street, Wollongong.

Services are held every Sunday mornings and on religious days.

For all enquiries or should you wish to book a wedding, christening or funeral service, please contact our Priest, The Very Reverend Aleksandar Ivanovski on 0417 275 988.


The first stone was laid on 4 April 1971 and the first Macedonian Orthodox Church “Saint Dimitrija Solunski” was completed, blessed and opened in 1972 in the city of Wollongong on the South Coast.

This was achieved by generous donations from our Macedonian community, bank loans and many fundraising functions and activities organized by our hard working and unpaid volunteers from our community members.

Due to the needs and the growth of the Macedonian Community in the Illawarra region, in 1996 the Management Committee made a decision to reconstruct and extend the church at an approximate cost of $1,000,000.00.  On 22 February 1997 the new and beautifully reconstructed larger church was blessed and officially opened for church service.    

The main and the most spectacular feature in the church is our grand gold plated chandelier.  It is constructed from genuine Swarovski crystals and hangs in the centre of our church from the middle of the large dome that contains a hand painted fresco of our Savior Jesus Christ, which looks below on all of the parishioners.

In November 2011 the most beautiful “Iconostas” was completed at an approximate cost of $200,000.00.  The “Iconostas” took more than 2 years to complete which was hand crafted from dry walnut wood by certified craftsmen in wood carving from a company named “Perdika” from the city of Bitola in the Republic of Macedonia. The hand carved "Iconostas" explains the Bible story and the life of Jesus Christ.  It has exactly 13050 various hand carved figures including various plants from nature. It has a wall of icons of various Saints and Apostles from the Bible that are inbuilt into the "Iconostas".

The "Iconostas" in our church is an amazing asset for the Macedonian Community and we extend a warm invitation to our community to come and visit our church.


Saint Dimitrija Solunski

Our church is named Macedonian Orthodox Church “Saint Dimitrija Solunski” after the name of Saint Dimitrija, one of the oldest Macedonian Saints. Saint Dimitrija of Solun was a Christian martyr who lived in the city of Solun in the early fourth century in Macedonia. Over the years, his reputation became one that saw him as a "warrior", a Saint of Christianity.  His name day is celebrated on the 8th of November each year and this day is known as “Mitrovden”.

Our Priest

In the last 40 years we have had 6 priests serve The Macedonian Orthodox Community of the City of Greater Wollongong “Saint Dimitrija Solunski” with our current priest being the Very Reverend Aleksandar Ivanovski.

The Very Reverend Aleksandar Ivanovski was born in 1950 in the town of Kumanovo in the Republic of Macedonia. He studied theology in Skopje before moving to Australia in 1977. He served as a priest at the Macedonian Orthodox Church St Petka in Rockdale from 1977 to 1987. He then returned to Macedonia and practised in Ohrid and Skopje. The Very Reverend Aleksandar Ivanovski again returned to Australia in 1996 and served as a priest at various Macedonian Orthodox Church's, including Cabramatta and Queanbeyan before becoming the priest at Saint Dimitrijia Solunski in Wollongong.

At wedding ceremonies, our priest is able to perform some of the wedding ceremony in English if it is a wish or request of the wedding couple.